About Us

CS&A is all about solving problems & making you look good.

With over 3 decades of consulting excellence, CS&A has provided solutions that are innovative, broad in scope & comprehensive of the changing future – from the very beginning. CS&A’s goal is to predict the road ahead so that a solution today works tomorrow.

And, the “Pride ‘N Privacy” option offered by CS&A allows our clients to leverage the power of a think-tank without disclosing that the innovations, solutions & upgrades implemented – had any origin outside of their own doors!

CS&A doesn’t mind letting you take all of the public credit for solutions provided by CS&A! And if you opt for it, -we won’t tell anyone outside of our “inner-circle” about how we assisted your needs (not even in CS&A advertising)!

And, other than a modest consulting fee, –our compensation is often tied directly to the improvement of the client’s bottom line! CS&A is paid to perform! That’s confidence you can trust!